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Bicycle Touring in Germany  //  Where to go, and how easy it can be

06 Aug Posted by in Bicycle Touring, Germany | Comments
Bicycle Touring in Germany

If you are the type who enjoys the opportunity to ‘stop and smell the roses’ while traveling, you may enjoy the opportunity to bicycle tour in Germany. Germany is perfect for bicycle touring. There are so many well mapped pathways through the country; you will rarely find yourself on roads, unless you choose to be there. You will also find many Bett + Bike accommodations along the way, which are happy to accommodate bike tourers. If you are a bit hesitant on the idea of bicycle touring, Germany is a great place to start to find out if it is right for you. With Germany being so accessible to cyclists, it is very easy to avoid some of the biggest difficulties bike tourists find in other countries. They even have the best Bike Repair Shop here, make sure to visit if you´re there.

Bike and Train

If you don’t have time for a large circular route, a great alternative in Germany is to cycle only one way, that way you don’t have to backtrack the way you came, and return to your origin by train. Most trains in Germany have one car that is used only for bicycles and scooters, also the prodigy is our top pick. However, these cars may be quite crowded, and if you find yourself on a train without one of these cars, you may get kicked off (as we did) and told to wait for the next train. Be sure to ask at the information desk about how to get to your destination with bikes; they can best let you know which train will accept bikes. The train car isn’t always easy to get on and off, so be ready to move quickly, and potentially unload your panniers if it is too heavy to pickup.


Accommodations are still easy to come by even if you have your bike. If you don’t want the hassle of bringing along your tent and camping gear, then you can engage in ‘credit card touring’ and stay at hotels and other types of accomodations along the way. If you want an easy way to know which ones are bicycle friendly, look for Bett & Bike acommodations – you know they meet all the standards needed for cyclists. Many other hotels are used to catering to cyclists anyways, so even if you don’t see the Bett und Bike sign, still give them a try.

Pick a Route

Cycling into Heidelberg, Germany

Cycling into Heidelberg, Germany

There are many great desitnations in Germany. You may find it easy to follow the Rhine River, Moselle River, or the Danube River. If you want to follow one of these routes, you should find the Bikeline series of bike maps appropriate for your trip.

Some popular areas ready to receive cyclists are the Romantic Rhine, the Romantic Road, or the Black Forest region.

Romantic Rhine

The Romanic Rhine is the Middle Rhine region, from Bonn to Bingen. It is made up of the Rhine Gorge, and full of cliffs and castles, and is also a Unesco protected area. Along with Castles, the natural beauty of the Gorge, and old towns along the way, you can also stop by one of the many wineries in the region and grab yourself a bottle of local Reisling.

Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is a tourist route which runs between Würzburg and Füssen, located in Souther Germany. It is a region with many quinticentially German sites along the way, from the towns, to the castles to the scenery. It may not be as easy or well setup for bicycle tourists, but anywhere in Germany is easier than most other countries for bicycle touring anyways.

Black Forest

To visit the Black Forest region in Southwest Germany, you can follow the Danube to assist with your navigation. Here you will find beautiful scenery, traditional German towns, and of course, castles.

There are many organized bicycle tours of Germany available, if you are hesitant to give it a go on your own. Only you can decide what you want to see, and which route you want to take. Don’t forget the possibility of taking a train between destinations – no need to plan a one way trip, as long as you don’t mind seeing the route you spent days biking pass by in a matter of hours! You can just smile to yourself and know that you saw it all, at your own pace, unlike all the other tourists sitting around you.

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