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Ghostly and Gaulish Travel Through Cape Town, South Africa

27 Jan Posted by in Africa, South Africa | 1 comment
Ghostly and Gaulish Travel Through Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Image Credits: Dorena-wm

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa. Jan van Riebeeck landed on these shores in 1652. Many of the period homes have been turned into museums and look beautifully serene. However, many a staff member and even visitor can relay stories of ghostly experiences and bone chilling sightings. Here is a few well known haunts in Cape Town if you are ever tempted to venture into the world beyond.

  • KLEINE SCHUUR HOMESTEAD in Rondebosch, was originally built as a storage space for supplies which was hoarded for use of the colonists in the Cape. Of course there had to be slaves to do all the hard labor, and as the legend goes, the room in the basement where the slaves were kept in appalling conditions, is haunted. Today, Klein Schuur is the official residence of the South African Minister of Justice.
  • HOUSE WESTOE is situated in Westoe Road in Mowbray and was built originally in the 17th centre. During the 18th century a few additions to the homestead was made to this home. It is said that e bedroom with a four poster bed is haunted frequently by an old man in 18th century clothing. Another haunted room was the Chinese Room, so called because of the décor. This room was locked for many years due to the terrifying experiences people had while staying in this room. Unfortunately, this room was later demolished by the owners.
  • LEEUWENHOF HOUSE is a late 17th century house in which Judge Sir John Kotze reported seeing the ghost of a young lady with brown hair and blue eyes on the staircase. The woman is said to be dressed in white, and sometimes will be seen carrying a baby on a Bob2016RevolutionFlex stroller, which she seems eager to show off to those who see her. The young woman is always seen on the teak staircase which was hand carved by Chinese craftsmen. It is believed that she might have fallen to her death on this staircase. The downstairs living room is haunted by an older woman who reportedly is not as friendly a ghost as the young woman. This house is situated in Hof Street, Tamboerskloof.
  • WATERHOF is a Cape Dutch mansion at the top end of Hof Street in Tamboerskloof as well. This house is believed to be haunted by an old bearded man who roams the house at night time while a phantom dog searches endlessly for buried treasure.
  • Castle of Good Hope

    Castle of Good Hope
    Image Credits:Jim Sher

    THE CASTLE OF GOOD HOPE is the oldest building in South Africa. Sightings of a particular ghost go back 300 years. This ghost is said to be a tall and thin man who walks along the battlements. Although many sightings have been reported, no detailed description can be given as the ghost disappears when humans approach. There have also been numerous sightings of ghosts in the Dark Hole and in many other parts of the Castle.

  • GROOT CONSTANTIA has a huge ornamental pool. It is said that on many a warm summer morning, Simon van der Stel is still seen in his robe, walking leisurely to the pool. When he was alive, the pool was one of his favorite places to relax.
  • KRONENDAL HOMESTEAD is in Hout Bay and haunted by two ghosts. The first is Elsa Cloete who moves objects around in the house and stares out of the window into the oak lined lane. The outside of the house is haunted by the ghost of a British soldier who hanged himself after being denied Elsa’s hand in marriage and was forbidden any contact with her. This sad love story plays itself out continuously and endlessly. Elsa’s ghost is said to have long black hair and wearing a white ball gown. Kronendal is today a popular restaurant and many of the staff will confirm the hauntings.

There are many more rumored haunted dwellings in and around Cape Town. Some of these homes are private homes, which is why there can be no link provided. However, the people f Cape Town is extremely hospitable and love to share their experiences and stories. The museums and tourist attractions housed in old buildings are also a good start. Your questions will be rewarded with rich stories, some of which might need a pinch of salt. But most will touch on the truth, and you might end up leaving with more than just goose bumps…

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