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Discover the Natural Beauty of Barbuda

07 Mar Posted by in Caribbean | Comments
Discover the Natural Beauty of Barbuda

The Caribbean is a world famous travel destination known for its eclectic culture, amazing beaches, breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and so much more. This region comprises of 7,000 fascinating islands that are surrounded by clear blue water which offers a sanctuary for the weary, and the ultimate escape for anyone. But among the islands of Caribbean one paradise island truly standouts and it is the pristine island of Barbuda.

The island of Barbuda is one of the very few Caribbean islands that remain undeveloped and often deserted from the usual tourists that flocked to this region. This secluded island paradise is very accessible via a short plane trip from Antigua or by a relaxing 3 hour boat ride. With only a handful of special guests, this island is an exciting place to rediscover the true beauty of nature.  Working some time here into your Caribbean cruise will be a great reward and a way to see one of the lesser visited islands.

Barbuda is a twin isle of Antigua that has mangrove swamps, salt water ponds and pure, soft white and pink sandy beaches but the main inhabitants of this island are the majestic Frigate birds. These mighty seabirds prefer to make Barbuda their home, and for the lucky few who chose to have an their vacation here can wander among the Frigate birds on the infinite fine white and pink sandy beaches while enjoying a blissful break that can’t be found elsewhere.

Things to do and see in Barbuda
Be a beachcomber. If you love to frolic under the sun on a lazy sunny day on fine pinkish white sand beach then you are in for a treat. Most likely you will see whales, turtles, sharks and other fantastic wildlife at a close range. Barbuda offers many beautiful beaches with unique names like the Goat Island, Rubbish Bay, River, Princess Diana, Fishing Creek and Two Foot Bay. These Barbuda beaches have distinct characters, from a windy beach with strong waves which are perfect for windsurfing and kite flying, to a calmer and shallow water beach great for children or novice swimmers. When taking a boat ride here you may chance upon some pod of whales or dolphins swimming along the crystal blue waters.

Explore interesting caves.  Barbuda is lucky to have such natural wonders as the interesting caves great available for an exploration adventure. One cave has some ancient drawings while other caves can possibly be explored by climbing right from the top of the highlands and see the rest of Barbuda from a wide angle view. There are also some unique underwater and underground caves which require an expert tour guide, here you will find rare species of cave animals such as bats, and these caves are considered as an archaeological finds which are being studied by scientists. One exceptional sample of a sinkhole is the Darby Cave and it is the most visited cave here which can be reached by trekking for about 45 minutes with a guide. The salt ponds have some crystalline sea salt that sparkle brightly during dry weather season while clear water ponds are nesting places of some magnificent birds throughout the rainy season.

Frigate bird in the sanctuary

Fregata Magnificens at the Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Marvel at nature’s wonder at the Frigate Bird Sanctuary.  This probably is the highlight of any paradise escape vacation in Barbuda. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a refuge to more than 170 species of different birds and to over 5,000 beautiful frigate birds. This sea bird is also known as Fregata Magnificens due to long wingspan that can reach to about four to five feet. Considered by experts as a water bird that has the largest wingspan in connection to its body size of any bird species around the world, the frigate bird can maneuver magnificent aerial stunts that would surely capture your interest. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is located in Codrington Lagoon and can be reached by a 40 minute boat ride. Bird enthusiasts and even non-bird watchers will truly behold the spectacular site of this sanctuary. The months of September to April is the frigate bird mating season and you can witness the rare bird courtship displays wherein a male frigate shows off his huge expanded red chest to attract the female. These birds cannot swim nor walk but will soar high above the clouds to catch some fish. One keen way of these birds to get food is to steal from other seabirds such as egrets, cormorants and pelicans by way of harassing until the other bird drops their live fish. Locally the frigate bird is known as the “Man of War”, they may have a few predators but they are considered as endangered birds and this sanctuary in Barbuda is the most valuable nesting site for them.

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