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EAT Danao of Danao Adventure Park, Bohol, Philippines

EAT Danao of Danao Adventure Park, Bohol, Philippines
Danao Adventure Park, Bohol, Philippines

Danao Adventure Park, Bohol, Philippines
Image Credits:Allan Chatto

Danao Adventure Park is a one-stop-shop place for fun, excitement and learning. EAT Danao, which stands for Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour of Danao Adventure Park, is a government-funded tourism facility located in Magtangtang, Danao, Bohol. Approximately 2 hours ride from the City of Tagbilaran, the park is situated amid considerable expanse of mountain ranges cut by the majestic flow of Wahig River.

Having just opened to the public in July 2009, Danao Adventure Park is fast gaining popularity among local and foreign tourists alike because of its varied outdoor activities offered. Visitors seeking adrenaline rush is advised to sample the Plunge, Suislide and the Skyride. The Plunge tops their list for being extreme. In this event, the person is strapped securely to a harness connected to a 70 meter long cable which could hold weight up to 5 tons then suspended over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide ravine. When the pin holding the harness is removed, the person is released for a freefall then sent off on a pendulum swing which could reach a diameter of 100 meters. In the duration of the swing, the person is treated to the experience of being alone with nature where the only sounds heard are faint forest echoes and the swishing of air as it passes near the ears. Next in line is the Suislide, aptly named for those having fear of heights who would consider this a suicidal ride. This is a zip line mounted on 200 meter-high mountain with steel cables traversing the half-kilometer distance to another. The rider is made to whiz down the incline in less than a minute with his body fastened face-down to a mat superman-style or in a sitting position with a harness. A fifteen-minute cable ride 200 meters above a gorgeous view is how Skyride is described.

Tourists who prefer more strenuous pursuits opt for the River Trekking, Wall Climbing, Root Climbing, and Rappelling. With River Trekking, they get to enjoy the scenery and exercise at the same time as they cross the river and hop over boulders. Huge roots on the cliff beside the river provide climbers with natural ladders and handholds as they climb to the top where they then rappel down. Wall climbing is also available for those who want the thrill of the climb without the added difficulty of hiking. The artificial 7.2 meter-high walls have fiberglass hand and footholds to aid the ascent to the top. Kayaking and River tubing give the riders fun and relaxation as they float along aboard kayaks or rubber tire tubes.

The Organic Farm visitation, cave exploration and tackling the Dagohoy Hill will entice those who are also after additional knowledge and a taste of Philippine history. Kamaria, a subterranean cave with an octagonal entrance, boasts of stalactites and stalagmites. It has also a pool at the end of the cave where they could swim and even drink the water flowing within. The Dagohoy Hill is where Francisco Dagohoy stood off the Spaniards in a battle dubbed as the longest revolution at the time. It is a rare experience exploring the caves and trails used by the legendary hero while communing with nature at the same time. No escapade is complete if one leaves without checking out the local cuisine and Danao Adventure Park proffers all-organic ones. After all, the entire project is christened EAT Danao.

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