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Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan – The Land of Fairies

01 Dec Posted by in Outdoors, Pakistan | 1 comment
Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan – The Land of Fairies

The lake Saiful Muluk is located amidst the high mountain ranges of the Karakorum. Fed by the fresh glaciers of Malka Parbat, the lake rests in the Kaghan valley. It is a beautiful, clear water lake with a slight green shade. The temperature in the area is moderate during day time but drops to minus in the night time. It is one of the most beautiful lakes of the world and the high, glacier covered mountain tops with lush green slopes surrounding a green-blue patch of water has earned Saiful Muluk its reputation.

Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan

Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan
Image Credits: Fahd Murtaza

Thousand of tourists visit the lake every year and contribute to the profits earned by the locals in the area. Most of these tourists are domestic, visiting the northern areas to escape the torturous heat of the southern lands. Despite the fame the place has earned, the area largely remains barren and not many facilities have been provided. As a result, the valley is still in the same pure and untouched state as it was decades ago.


There are several stories and folk poems that are attributed to the beauty of Saiful Muluk. The stories mostly talk about the adventures of prince Saiful Muluk. It is said that he was told by a dervish that he will find the woman of his dreams near the lake. Hence, he undertook a long and extended journey to the Kaghan valley. There he waited for twelve years before he could meet his soul mate. His long wait was paid off when a beautiful fairy came to bathe in the lake with her maidens. The prince, to make the fairy stay, stole her wings. Later he narrated his story of the long journey and confessed his deep love for her which moved the fairy so much that she decided to marry him. Jealous of her decision, the white giant, who was also madly in love with her cried so badly so as to form the Ansoo Lake.

There are several versions of this story and each of them involves the characters of the prince and the fairies. The stories have run so deep in the generations of the locals that they believe that the prince and his fairy still like in a cave which is in some distance of the lake. It is also said that the length of the cave is unknown just as the depth of the lake is a mystery. Furthermore, it is also believed that the fairy and the prince live in the centre of the lake and come out on every full moon.

People may or may not believe in these folk tales and may consider them false and fabricated. However, no one can visit the lake and not be touched by its beauty. The breathtaking view o the lake has a different story to narrate at every hour of the day and its beauty and splendor is bound to have an impact on the toughest of all men.

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  1. hafsa khan07-19-12

    This story is quiet interesting. i have myself gone to visit the place called saif-ul-muluk. i want u to kindly inform the readers tht now people can visit the lake and the caves. thanx

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