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A Holiday in Lapland, Finland

22 Mar Posted by in Finland | Comments
A Holiday in Lapland, Finland

Finland is an excellent country to visit for people who are looking for something out of the ordinary for their next getaway. Positioned at the Arctic Circle, there is a long winter season in Finland, as well as many dark days throughout winter. However, the bright days of summer will balance out the dark winter days, so plan your trip according to your needs. Both the summer and the winter seasons in Finland are filled with a tranquil allure of their own with unique set of activities to take part in.

Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, is an exceptional tourist place considering the number of activities that can be done. There are exclusive activities for each particular season. During the summer season you can enjoy nature trials, river cruises, reindeer farms, hiking, cycling, fishing, smoke saunas and not to forget, the traditional Lappish outdoor dancing. Tourists are assured of an authentic and a pleasing experience and the summer season activities here are not be underestimated. The winter season offers a desolate dissimilarity to the midnight sun of summer. Some of the winter activities include a reindeer safari, dog sledding, staying in an igloo, staying in a log cabin, exploration using a snowmobile and cross country skiing or skating.

As you travel the interiors of Finland you will be able to discover traditional villages with their stores, churches, marketplace and even farms efficient yet plain and traditional. It gives you a great pleasure in browsing and shopping through each of these village shops. You can get to know a lot of information about the Sami customs and their standard of living. There are a lot of packages available to make use of. Almost all of the above mentioned activities are enclosed into these packages.

The Essential Activities

Log cabin stay

You will be escorted into a log cabin where you will spend the night amidst Mother Nature and its breezy ambiance. These log cabins offer a soothing retreat in the midst of the fir trees of Lapland national park and at the same time as being just a diminutive walk from a fine range of bars, hotels and bistros. The cabins have one bedroom to three or more bedrooms which can easily accommodate large families or a large groups of friends. The rental rates of these cabins vary accordingly with the season, however, the rates are by cabin and not per persons. All the log cabins vary in designs and styles. Some of them offer basic facilities with private shower, while others offer pure luxury in terms of facilities including a Jacuzzi, deluxe sauna and you can even have a dedicated chef and a hostess.

Dog sledding

After having a nice breakfast, you can head out with a sleigh which is being pulled by husky dogs, a special breed of dogs bred for the sole reason of sledding. The only noise you will be able to hear is the breathing of the dogs and their footsteps. Sledding on the Finnmark plateau in Norwegian Lapland is quite famous amongst visitors. All the dog sled trails are pretty well maintained offering scenic views. All the tours are guided by professionals, who have a good amount of experience in dogmushing. They are always keen to spot reindeers, deer, fox, eagles and moose to make the traveler’s trip even more exciting. Holidaymakers have the option to go for a guided tour or one where they can mush their own a team of 4 to 6 huskies.

Northern lights

Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland

Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland
Image Credits:Timo Newton-Syms

The northern lights are one of nature’s most stunning and inexplicable phenomenon. They are most usually seen in the night sky north of the Arctic Circle throughout the winter. With its reasonably gentle climate and populated areas well on top of the Arctic Circle, the idlest place to catch this amazing phenomenon is Northern Norway. Travelers can experience the Northern lights from November to April. Northern lights can be spotted easily at Lofoten in Northern Norway which then follows the coast to the North Cape. This is indeed a best place to spot them as due to dry weather, the skies are clearer, however, due to eastern winds, coast can give you a clearer sky than any other inland area.

Your trip to Finland will not disappoint. Be sure to plan ahead so that you can get the most of your vacation.

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