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Malaysia Travel Ideas

03 Apr Posted by in Malaysia | Comments
Malaysia Travel Ideas

Malaysia is a country located in South-East Asia. The country is divided between Peninsular Malaysia, which lies on the Malay Peninsula, and Malaysian Borneo, which lies in the Northern part of the island of Borneo. The two regions are separated by the South China Sea. The terrain varies from costal to mountainous and features abundant tropical forests. The climate in Malaysia can be described as hot and humid with a high amount of rainfall during the monsoon seasons.

Malaysians are predominantly Muslim, but there is great religious and cultural diversity in Malaysian society as it has been always been a melting pot of indigenous, Chinese and Indian culture. Hinduism and Buddhism are common religious practices in Malaysia and have had considerable impact on Malaysian culture.

Scuba Diving in Malasyia

Scuba Diving in Malasyia
Photo Credits: Joshua Nguyen

One of the most rewarding activities one can engage in while visiting Malaysia is scuba diving. The warm waters are very hospitable to divers, offering a underwater visibility that often exceeds 30m. Popular diving spots in Malaysia feature coral reefs and underwater ecosystems as well a shipwrecks. In Layang Layang, the diver will encounter 13 coral reefs linked to each other as well as rich diversity in marine life. In Miri, one can see the shipwreck of a Japanese World War 2 ship as well as a reef that is used by turtles as refuge during their migration. Other popular diving sites include Pulau Redang, Pulau Sipadan, Pulau Tioman, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and Pulau Tenggol among others.

If you love jungle trekking, you will feel right at home in Malaysia. The tropical forest that covers most of the country is considered to have existed for 130 million years and is therefore the oldest rainforest in the world. A lot of forest exists within protected habitat zones where you can find excellent hiking routes. You will not be disappointed from a jungle trek in Taman Negara National Park as it offers a great jungle trekking experience that includes trekking through the largest tree canopy walkway in the world.

If you visit the Sarawak and Sabah regions you will see the famous longhouses along the rivers. These structures function as a communal shelter for entire communities and often house more than 200 people. Tourists are often welcome to stay in one of these houses. While there, you can also hire a local guide that will take you on a jungle excursion.

Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudin mosque in Brunei

Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudin mosque in Brunei
Image Credits:Tyler Durden

It is best to avoid the high tourism season when visiting Malaysia if you want to avoid crowded places and expensive fares. Peak seasons occur between the start of December to the end of January and mid-May to the end of June .

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