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The peaceful red arches of Moab, Utah

26 Jul Posted by in Adventure, United States | Comments
The peaceful red arches of Moab, Utah

Southeast Utah is not a very populated area, but it certainly offers one of the most beautiful places to visit. The first time I went through Moab, I fell in love with the color, that red tint that is quite unique, you might even say soothing. The town itself is a fun place to walk through, shop in or eat a meal or two. If you investigate some of the side streets it is even possible to find reasonable motels to spend the night. Almost within walking distance there are some wonderful trails to hike or camp near.

Why is it red

Red Arches, Moab Utah

Red Arches, Moab Utah
Image Credits:Chris Willis

Millions of years ago sandstone, which is sedimentary rock, formed all sorts of cliffs and other topographical features in the ocean. When the land rose up and the ocean receded, the area that remained was characterized by unique formations. Sandstone can be colorful, and the area in Moab and nearby regions ended up very red.

The arches

Just a bit north of Moab, you will find Arches National Park. Throughout this huge designated area, you will encounter innumerable, brilliant rock formations, including over a thousand red arches. The largest arch, Landscape Arch, has a span of almost 300 feet. You could literally spend a week here looking at all the formations. In the summer, you would probably welcome a typical afternoon thunderstorm to cool down, and in the winter there is very little snow.

The canyons

As if you won’t keep busy enough with red arches, right near Moab you also can visit Canyonlands National Park. Here you get treated with enough canyons to lose count, and both the Green and Colorado River. Often visitors comment that this area is more spectacular than anything they have ever seen. The park has different sections, such as the Needles, the Island in the Sky and the Maze, each one providing its one unique specialty in terms of natural décor. And, of course, the two rivers add to the opportunity for recreational adventures.

The Red Arches of Moab

The Red Arches of Moab
Image Credits: Fikret Onal

The perfect destination

If I were looking for a location to have a second home in, or to retire in, Moab would surely be toward the top of the list. But as a destination for a trip, put it at the top. If you love to hike, or are serious about a backpacking excursion, it is a sure bet. If rafting or four-wheeling are appealing, you won’t lose out with this choice either. If you are archaeology or history buff, and would love to learn about a place that has thousands of years of facts and millions of formations, you will find all that among the canyons and red arches as well.

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