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North Evia, Greece – Holidays in Green

23 Aug Posted by in Europe, Greece | 1 comment
North Evia, Greece – Holidays in Green

Limni, North Evia, Greece
Image Credits:Agni

Evia is the second largest Greek island with an area of 3660 Km2. It has a coastline of 678 Km and it is connected to the mainland by bridge. It has a long history reaching back to ancient times and many thriving ancient Greek cities were found here. Evia is mentioned extensively in Greek mythology. The Northern part of Evia attracts the most visitors and is most appealing to nature lovers as it is covered by dense forests on mountainous terrain and surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, with beaches forming where land meets the sea.

When entering Northern Evia, one will make their way through dense vegetation passing by streams of water coming down from the mountains and picturesque villages surrounded by coniferous forests. Always heading north, you will reach the village of Limni. You may choose to stop and rest here and use Limni as your base for your excursions to Northern Evia. Limni is a beautiful village with a lot of waterfront cafes and taverns where you can relax and enjoy magical sunsets.

Travelling North on the coastal route, past the village of Limni, you will reach Aidipsos, famous for its healing hot springs whose creation has been mythically attributed to the Greek god Hephaistos who wanted to please his sister, Athena, by offering her a place that she can visit and rest. Because of the hot springs that exist there, Aidipsos attracts a lot of tourists all year round, so you will be able to find somewhere to stay if you wish but it is best to book ahead. West of Aidipsos one will find Gialtra, Gerolimano and Agios Georgios; all three regions are full of trees that grow almost all the way to the sea. At Agios Georgios, you may take a daily excursion by boat to Lichadonissia, a small complex of islands very close to Evia.

The Cataract at Drimonas, Evia Island, Greece
Image Credits:Simon James

If you take the mainland route, from Kerasia to Drimonas, you will reach a natural heritage park, home to several species of flora. You can hike along the paths for less than 1 Km to reach a majestic waterfall that forms a beautiful small lake. You can also visit another natural landmark of Evia, the Petrified Forest, which is not too far from the waterfall.

Getting There

Evia is less than 2 hours away from Athens if you go by car. If you want to travel by boat, the shortest trip is from the port of Rafina –20 minutes by bus from Athens International Airport – to Marmari, in Evia.

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    Thanks very much-love Greece, esp. the landscapes. Wish i had the money to go this summer.

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