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Saving for the Sun

27 May Posted by in Guest Post | Comments

Saving for a summer holiday can seem easier in theory than it actually is in practise. There are always those annoying things that crop up in life that need large amounts of money, and sadly the holiday fund usually has to take second place to essentials such as a broken boiler or a car repair. But never fear! If this is the case and your holiday fund is somewhat depleted, you may not need to cancel your plans. With some minor adjustments to your usual getaway requirements you will still be able to jet off into the sunshine, but with a slightly reduced price tag. You never know, it could catch on!

If your usual holiday is a week of sunshine in a well known location, surrounded by sandy beaches and luxurious hotels, then first of all check out the tour operators’ websites to see which competitors are offering your holiday for less. Surprisingly there can be quite a difference. Thomas Cook holiday offers is one page to look for. This will serve up some of the best and latest deals at tempting prices. Also, check out what the price difference is at various times of the year. Obviously if you can go outside of the school holidays it will save you quite a bit.

During the spring many destinations are starting to warm up and holidays during this time are often a little cheaper. Also, accommodation is not always priced the way you would expect. By the time you have factored in food and drinks, it can sometimes be cheaper to stay in an all inclusive hotel rather than self catering, so pay close attention to various boards. And if you usually stay in four star then try dropping down to three, there isn’t always that much difference.

Finally look into some of the up and coming locations such as Bulgaria and Turkey, rather than the usual popular destinations. They’re often much cheaper and can be far more interesting too!

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