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New ways to visit Jamaica: from above, from the sea, or by taxi

28 Jul Posted by in Jamaica | Comments
New ways to visit Jamaica: from above, from the sea, or by taxi

There are many ways to observe all the wonders that Jamaica has to offer; many ways to get from Kingston to Mobay if you so desire. As a tourist you can use the most conventional way, which is by taxi. Whether hotel appointed or the taxis that are used by the locals, both options will serve you well. You may also opt for renting a car. This is one of the most popular means of transportation because you are provided with your privacy, and allows you to keep your own schedule, and you can be sure nothing interferes with your plans. While taxis and car rentals are preferred by many these are not the only ways to tour one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands.

See it from above

Getting around Jamaica can take up a great deal of your time if you choose to use cars due to traffic and I am certain that no one wants to spend half their vacation stuck in traffic. Therefore, small aircrafts are an ideal way for internal travelling. There is transportation offered to tourist between the two main cities of Kingston and Montego Bay. These aircrafts provides you with the opportunity of seeing the beautiful island of Jamaica from above, which is the best way to see the island. After getting to the airport in the parish that you are staying in there are chartered air services available to take guest back to the nearest point to hotel.

Jamaica's glass bottom boat

Jamaica's glass bottom boat
Image Credits:Jeremy Burgin

Witness it from the seas

Jamaica is well known for its beaches. Surrounded by a large body of water, this provides a unique way to tour the island. You have the option of using a glass bottom boat, which is highly recommended, or a normal sail boat; but which ever you choose you are in for a treat. The glass bottom boats provide you with the chance to see our beautiful ecosystem which you won’t want to miss because Jamaica has some very beautiful coral reefs. You also have the option of seeing the coral reefs by scuba diving or deep sea diving. There is also a wide array of water activities to choose from. There is also the choice of going on a boat ride through one of our many safaris to witness the beauty that is our tropical paradise.

A taxi with a difference

A taxi is the most popular way to get around the island and it is not something worth fussing about because almost everyone has travelled in a taxi before. However, there are taxis that very few people take and they only run in a variety of places on the island. These taxis are actually motorbikes which operate as traditional taxis. They are found in Montego Bay and are the only form of transportation to get to various places other than your own personal vehicle. However, if you know how to ride a motorbike and prefer this way of transportation you may request that your hotel provides you with a rental agencie to get one.

It is always great excitement going on vacation and Jamaica is a very exciting place; so the next time you plan a vacation, visit the tropical paradise that is Jamaica.

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